Industrial Open Networks Fair 2016 세미나 및 전시회

Soft Servo Systems will be exhibiting and hosting a seminar for EtherCAT Soft Motion Controller, WMX2 at Industrial Open Networks Fair 2016 held at Tokyo (Kamata) on July 27th, and Aichi (Nagoya) on August 24th.

WMX2 is an advanced general purpose motion controller capable of synchronous control of maximum 64 axes of servos and over 10,000 I/Os at 0.5 ms cycle. Many of industry’s top level motion functions are implemented, and providing the variety of APIs as a custom user-original application development tool. In addition, Network Configurator 2 comes included, which simplifies the complicated network setup and diagnosis.

We will be exhibiting WMX2 demo equipment, as well as explaining WMX2‘s variety of functions and versatile application examples at the seminar.

Industrial Open Networks Fair Outline:

  1. Tokyo
    Exhibition Dates: July 27th 2016 (Wednesday)
    Time: 9:30 am~ 5:30 pm JST
    Location: Ota City Industrial Plaza Pio (Location Map) (In front of the Keikyukamata Station)
    1st Floor Main Exhibition Hall, 2nd Floor Sub-Exhibition Hall
  2. Aichi
    Exhibition Dates: August 24th 2016 (Wednesday)
    Time: 9:30 am~ 5:30 pm JST
    Location: Wink Aichi (Location Map) (In front of the Nagoya Station)
    8th Floor Exhibition Hall, 9th Floor Conference Room (901, 904, 907, 908)

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Soft Servo Systems Seminar Information:

Perfect for those seeking the current hot topic “EtherCAT Soft Motion Controller”, trending within the IoT and Industry 4.0. We will be holding an information session on WMX2 as the optimum motion controller solution, presenting its past client applications as well as example application uses that may fit your needs. We will also show you its advanced control technology using EtherCAT. If you are interested in learning, or currently deciding on EtherCAT, please come stop by!

Title: Introducing Advanced Software Motion Controller for EtherCAT, Its Strength and Applications
Time: 5:00 pm ~ 5:30 pm
Location: [Tokyo] Main Exhibition Hall, [Nagoya] Conference room 908

*Please fill out an application form to attend the seminar at each of the venues.

We look forward to seeing you at the Industrial Open Networks Fair 2016!

Any questions or inquires regarding EtherCAT Motion Controllers, Evaluations, or need more information on EtherCAT?
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